The Boutique Photography Business vs. Shoot-and-Burn (Why We Don't Just Give Digitals)

If we were to ask you how many pictures you have on your phone right now, what would your answer be? 500? 1000? What if we asked you how many pictures are sitting on memory cards or flash drives in your home at this exact moment? How about on the hard drive of your computer? Let's face it: We all take hundreds- or thousands- of pictures every year. Every time we go to a school production or a birthday party or on vacation, we take dozens more- pictures we will likely never really look at. And what happens when your hard drive crashes or your memory card becomes corrupted or your phone falls in the toilet and you have to restore it? All of those precious memories are gone.

In the four years since my mom passed away, I've looked through our old family photos more times than I can count. I no longer have her here to answer my questions about who I was as a kid, or what our family was like. I can't chronicle any more of my story with her. All I have are my memories... and the pictures of my childhood she left behind. They are a gift. Photographs are a gift you give to your future. It's important to me that my clients understand that beautiful imagery is as important as just being sure that you have your pictures made. What good is it to pay money for a session, to take the time to prepare and show up for the session, and to end up with another CD or flash drive of images that will likely never be printed?

For a long time, the only pictures I had in frames in my house were the ones I had taken at the photo studios at Target or JC Penny, eons ago. Back then you went for pictures, chose your prints, and then bought frames for them and put them up. 

Nowadays, it is common for photographers to offer a CD or flash drive of a specific number of prints from your session, included in the session fee. This is called a "shoot-and-burn" business model. If all you want is another CD or flash drive with pictures of your beautiful family sitting in a drawer or box in your office, this is a great way to go.

But at Memories Boutique, we don't just sell flash drives. As a boutique photography business, we care about your family, your time and about building a relationship with you both before and after your session.  It is our goal to freeze time, chronicle memories and turn them into art for your walls and coffee table that capture the heart of your family at this stage of life. After all, that's where your beautiful pictures should go- in your home. You should be surrounded by reminders of your family's story at all times.

And one day, when technology changes and those CDs and flash drives become obsolete, guess what your kids will want?

The prints. The books. The reminders of their family and their parents at every stage of their childhood. THESE are what you are paying a photographer to give you- not a flash drive. Your family doesn't belong in a drawer. It belongs in the hallway as a canvas print, or in your living room as a gallery display. It belongs on a coffee table in the form of a beautifully-bound book that your kids will love looking at, now and when they are grown. When you are gone, they will want those pictures. Not the flash drives.

Let us turn your memories, your story into art. Let's sit down together with our laptops and, using a picture of a wall in your home, build a display of framed prints custom-tailored to your decor and space- that you can see before you ever hang the first frame. Let us custom-design a gorgeous memory book or album using the images from your session that you will be proud to display for years to come.  Allow us  to help you give your children a gift to treasure when they are adults looking for pieces of their childhood. 

(We DO sell digital images as individual items as well as package add-ons. In fact, our   packages contain both prints and digital images- because it's nice to have both! We also have options available for purchasing only digital images if that is what you really want. However, our heart is for turning your images into professionally printed art that you will love to display for years to come).

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