Our Story

Who are we? We jokingly call ourselves “The Type A, The Hippie, and the Equalizer” because of the way our strengths play off of each other to make a stronger, more cohesive team. We are just three moms who have a passion for photography and for helping other people see the worth and beauty in themselves and their families.

Katie Merrefield

MBP Founder and Photographer- "The Type A"

I am a second-generation photographer with a passion for capturing fleeting moments and sharing them with the world. From the time I was a little girl playing with a cheap film camera, I was creating “still life” images and talking my friends into posing for “modeling pictures”. This love has only deepened in my adult years, and now I am excited to be doing something I love while helping others to capture the beauty in their family story.

I am a homeschooling mom of three fantastic kids who keep me busy and who roll their eyes every time my camera comes out (because they know they will have to model for me!). I’ve been married for 14 years to a hard-working man whose job allows us to travel the country (coincidentally, I love to travel!).  I love chasing light, reading, studying history, peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee, beautiful landscapes, and the way light shines through the leaves of trees in the evening.

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I created MBP as a boutique photography business that moves away from the impersonal digital-file-on-a-flash-drive method of client interaction. I believe images should be printed and hung up, so I place a strong emphasis on turning your images into wall art and books that will surround your family. I am deeply committed to creating an experience for my clients that will not just end with digital images hiding in a drawer, but a friendship. I like to make sure every detail is perfect, from shooting a session to editing, and can often get lost in those details. I also like to have a plan and a back-up plan and a plan for a plan- so Mandie and Charlene help to keep me grounded!

Charlene Shawa

Photographer- "The Hippie"

Charlene is a hard-working mom of two who has been taking pictures professionally for 5 years. Because of her own  experience raising a special-needs son, she has a special empathy for our clients who have special-needs children of their own. She’s a very laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of person who is comfortable with spontaneity. She presents a funny contrast and nice balance to the less-spontaneous members of our team, and helps us all to relax and enjoy the creative process more!

Charlene joined MBP in 2017 after having a portrait session and realizing that her core values aligned strongly with those of Memories Boutique Photography. Her event photography experience and artistic eye are such a huge benefit to our team, and we are looking forward to all that she will add to our clients’ experience with us!

Mandie Lewis

Studio Manager- "The Equalizer"

Mandie is a loving mom of three girls in a family knit together through adoption. She and her husband were the youngest foster care and adoptive parents in Cherokee County when they started welcoming children to their home in 2008. They added a 6-year-old (now 16!) and then an infant (now 8!) to their “forever home” before welcoming a third biological child a few years later. Mandie is also a homeschooler, made all the more impressive by the variety of special needs she contends with on a daily basis. She’s also a loving wife to her husband Josh, and they have a special and romantic story all their own.

Mandie has been involved in a number of family and restoration ministries through the years, so she truly has a heart for people and for finding the thread of redemption and beauty in every story- making her the perfect third member for Memories Boutique Photography. She  enjoys a good bag of M&Ms (especially the pretzel kind), playing the piano, color-by-number coloring books, and taking naps. One day she hopes to work in the field of child counseling.

With her fantastic people skills and encouraging nature, she takes the Type A and The Hippie and helps to “mesh” them together to get the best creative and relational results from our team of three. Because she exhibits personality traits from both Charlene and Katie (but in lesser degrees) and enjoys aspects of running a business that our photographers have a hard time with, she’s the one who truly ties us all together and balances us.

Thank you so much for allowing us to tell your family's story and to capture the moments that are precious to you. It's our honor and privilege to create images you will treasure forever.

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