How to Tell if We Are a Good Fit for You

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Photography is more than buying a nice camera. It is telling a story... finding beauty in the mundane... capturing the moments in life that you are desperate to blow up and hang on your wall. The smiles, the bright eyes, the laughter between souls needs to be caught by someone trained to see them- trained to focus in on a moment and capture that split second of authentic beauty and bring it to full life.

In this culture, real photographers are rare. In our "selfie stick" world, many people can take a picture. Few can really capture the "realness" of beauty. Fewer still can tell a story with a picture of the soul behind the bright eyes, shy smile or sweet giggles.

If you believe that capturing those moments are an investment worth paying for, we can do that: we can catch those fleeting moments and tell the story you will want to hang on your wall. However, we only take on a few clients a month due to our desire to truly perfect the images we capture. Our work doesn't end when you part ways with us after your session; in fact, hours of work goes into creating images that you will be happy to display. By taking on fewer clients, we  can really focus on making your images as gorgeous as possible. This way we can give each client our undivided attention and a high quality of work while still loving what we do.

There are many photographers in our area, each with their own style and approach to family photography. There is a photographer out there for every style and budget. To figure out if we would be the ideal people to tell your story, answer these questions:

-Do you value photography as art?

-Do you believe that good photography takes more than a good camera?

-Do you believe that family photography is important, and that important memories should be chronicled as beautifully as possible?

-Do you value high quality over high quantity?

-Do you believe that time, effort, training, and attention to detail are worth paying for in a fair way?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, it sounds like we are a match made in heaven! Click "Contact" at the top of this page so that we  can send you a special ebook that answers all of YOUR questions.

We probably won't be a good fit for:

- Someone looking for the best deal. Our ideal client understands that high-quality images take time, effort, and training, and they expect to pay reasonably for that quality.

- Someone who wants their session to include all of the digital images for the cost of a session fee. It takes many, many hours to perfectly edit multiple images, and a session fee that includes images won't cover that editing- meaning your images won't get the attention they deserve.

-Someone who is content keeping their photos on Facebook or on a flash drive rather than printing and displaying them in the home. We do sell digitals, but we put a strong emphasis on creating art and printed images. We believe in the power of print.

We may not be the best photographer for your family at this time, but fortunately there are many other photographers who should be able to give you what you most value! We sincerely hope you find someone who can fulfill your needs in the best way possible, and we deeply appreciate that you took  the time to consider us.

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