A Word About Pricing

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Lots of people are photographers- that is true no matter where you live. So why choose to pay more for a session that could cost less from another photographer?

Simply, quality. Just like you, photographers are ultimately trying to earn a living- and a photographer who will give you 10 edited images and a photo session for less than you would pay for a large piece of wall decor is simply not going to give you a high-quality product. It's impossible. In order to remain profitable, something has to give- and that something is quality. Whether they are rushing you through a portrait session or scrimping on the editing process before sending you your digital images, you will ultimately pay the price with a product that doesn't stand the test of time.

At Memories Boutique Photography, we never rush through a session and we spend a lot of time perfecting each image- down to the most minute of details- to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. Photography, for us, is not just a way to pay bills- it's an art form and a passion. We want to be proud of the art we  create for others. It's an honor to tell your story- and we don't take that for granted. Our prices reflect the time and care we give to each session and each image as well as the experience and education we have invested in to learn our craft and the art of editing. We believe that a custom photo session is an investment in your family and in your memories. We employ two photographers to help with scheduling and photographing large groups as well as assistants so that sessions are smooth, stress-free, and a positive experience that you will enjoy. We custom-tailor sessions to your needs and interests so that it truly tells your family story. We are insured for the protection of our clients. We are members of Professional Photographers of America, and we invest a lot of time and money in continuing our photography education. Each week, the members of our team spend several hours on education via classes, workshops, and hands-on practice. We also invest time and money in learning and utilizing industry-standard software for editing, client galleries, slideshows, and custom books. 

Ultimately, you choose a photographer according to your priorities. If your highest priority is saving money on a short photo session with a large number of acceptable images on a CD or flash drive, there are numerous photographers out there who will be a better fit for you. We totally understand budgeting and getting a good deal! But if your highest priority is affordable but high-quality prints and images that tell your family's story in a unique and caring way by  photographers dedicated to education, honing their craft, and giving you the best quality product, we are the photographers for you.

You work hard for the family you love. Whether you choose to spend that hard-earned income by hiring me or another photographer, be sure that you hire someone who cares deeply about your images, your story, and your memories- because you deserve it. 

Ready to book your session? Email us at info@memoriesboutiquephotography.com to set one up! Once we receive your email, we will send you a special gift with even more information about Memories Boutique Photography, our prints and products, and our sessions.

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