Hamilton Sister Session

With the fickle weather in Georgia, we managed to have a gloriously beautiful spring day in January- a week after schools in our area were closed due to snow! I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to snap some pics of the Hamilton sisters.

I think sibling sessions are so special- brothers and sisters are truly a gift from God, even though we usually don't realize it when we are young. Siblings are our first friends and playmates- and while it can be a relationship wrought with tears and fighting while children, having someone who has known us since the very beginning of our own personal story... well, it's special. I always love seeing images of my siblings and me playing together as children, as it brings me a sense of warmth and comfort (especially since I lost my mom). 

I hope you enjoy these special images of the Hamilton girls. Here's hoping the love captured here is something they will look back on fondly as adults, and that their sister bond only deepens over time.

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